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Under the Weather

Under the Weather

Excuse my absence lately. I have been swamped at work these last couple of weeks, trying to meet deadline after deadline. The other day…

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Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

  I shot this photo a while back with the lovely Daphne Lim (an amazing makeup artist by the way, drop a line if…

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Glee Club

Glee Club

It was the glee club’s first rehearsal after the summer. Only consisting of twelve members (a poor number with over 1200 people working at the office),…

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Fall 2014


Fall season has started which means we are slowly transitioning from summer into winter. I maintain a love/hate relationship with the season. It is…

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...the food...

Summer Beet Salad

Summer On A Plate

There’s just something about a plate full of colours that makes you want to dive in immediately. We’re trying to eat more healthy these…

Woodstone Pizza Nederland

Woodstone Pizza

Before K and I walked into the Woodstone Pizza restaurant in Hoofddorp, we decided that we would only have one pizza, seeing as we…


Han Ting Cuisine

After putting it off for so long, we finally had the chance to visit Han Ting Cuisine in The Hague last week. Han Ting…

We Love Food

Every Asian of our generation considers him or herself a foodie by definition. What can I say: we love food. We’re on Yelp describing…

...and perhaps travels as well!


Things in New York

This is going to be an all-picture post, I’m lazy like that. I was going through my photo archive this weekend and there are…